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Mail or phone the person outlined on the website, or turn up at the Antrim Forum on any Monday 7-9pm. Everybody is welcome. If you have any query about you or a child playing, do give us a call.


To have fun!! Wheelchair rugby is a fun sport at all levels. The physical well-being and social benefits of sport are well known. We play because we enjoy it, to make good friends, and help our fitness and well-being. The Barbarians also provide opportunities to travel. So far they have travelled to England and Germany to play on a number of occasions.


With the Barbarians anyone with a physical disability can play. If you can push a wheelchair and have some ball skills you can play. Anyone over 10 and under 100 can play, it is a mixed ability and gender sport.

If you are not sure if its for you don't worry. Come up have a look, and if you are interested, you can be introduced at your own pace to the sport.


Training takes place every Monday night 7-9pm at the Antrim Forum, Lough Road Antrim.  Equipment is provided. Do come along.

The Ulster Barbarians play in the Irish League every year in Dublin, Cork and Portloaise. They have also now joined the GB League Div 3, which takes place in Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury a number of times during the season.



Mail, or phone Hugo on 07825220947. Alternatively just turn up at the Antrim Forum on any Monday 7-9pm and introduce yourself. . Everybody is very welcome to come up, have a look and a chat, and maybe you will feel its something you would like to become involved in.


In order to play the game the Ulster Barbarians need able bodied people to help out. The most pressing need is for volunteers to help out with training sessions. Volunteers bring the rugby wheelchairs into the playing hall, and ensure they are serviceable for the game. They then help players into the chairs if required, and help sort out their personal equipment. They also help with practice and games, often playing themselves to even up team numbers. At the end of training, the hall has to be cleared and the rugby chairs put away. During games wheels may have to be changed and punctures fixed.

Volunteers are also required for tournaments in Ireland and other countries. Volunteers travel with the players and are essential to enabling the players to participate in these tournaments.

Volunteering to help the Ulster Barbarians is a great way of contributing to the Community. It is also a very worthwhile way of having fun and making friends!


Anyone who is willing and able to help can volunteer with the Barbarians. There is a pressing need for able bodied persons to help out on Monday night training sessions. We could also do with help fundraising, PR, player and volunteer recruitment, and other activities which are all part of running a successful club. During tournaments there is a need for table officials and general helpers.

The Ulster Barbarians are registered with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme as suitable for participants wished to volunteer for accredited activities.

A willingness to travel helps, but is not essential.


Training takes place every Monday night 7-9pm at the Antrim Forum Lough Road, Antrim. Equipment and training will be provided. Matches take place in Dublin, Cork and Portloaise every season. The Barbarians will also be playing in GB League, Division 3 in 2017/18.


Wheelchair rugby like any sport needs officials to run matches and ensure fair play. At least one referee is required for training, and referees and other types of officials are required for tournaments. If you are interested in helping out get in touch. No previous experience is required, although previous experience in sports refereeing would be desirable.